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Although it began only in 2015, the history has strong ancient roots which fully identify with the visions, desires and passion of its initiator. Terranova Italian Yacht was established in April 2015 when its founder, Massimigliano Zilioli, took over the shipyard of the previous management. In addition to a new name, what Massimigliano gave his company was his personal vision of the concept of business, work value, quality of results, human relationships in and out of business. The “sourdough starter” of this choice lies in the insatiable passion for the sea that Massimigliano Zilioli has been harbouring his entire life. Born in Bergamo, far from the shores of the Mediterranean, he has always been fascinated by sea, dreaming about and finally experiencing the journeys which have led him to live the sea, study boats and conceive what is the current Terranova Italian Yachts project.

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