West Yachts and Brokerage

Horizon E78 Coming to Texas for the fall SWIBS

West Yachts and Brokerage the premier yacht brokerage on the Gulf Coast, is pleased to announce their arrival of the New Horizon Yachts E78 Motor Yacht in Late July 2016. The vessel will be available thought-out late summer for VIP events and private showings and will be the featured attraction in the Southwest in the Water Boat Show September 23rd, 24th, & 25th located in League City at the South Shore Harbor Resort and Conference Center. The arrival of a New 78’ Motor Yacht will represent the largest New Pleasure Yacht available for sale in recent history on the Gulf Coast.   

Horizon Yachts is the 5th largest Global builder of custom yachts ranging from 56’ to 160’. Whether your boating style is adventurous and sporty or laid-back and luxurious, Horizon builds superior and reliable yachts that have won numerus awards and accolades in the Yachting industry. The E78 represents an exceptional value for the new yacht buyer on the Texas Coast with her shallow draft and exceptional design.

West Yacht’s experienced yacht brokers with creative marketing strategies have allowed clients near and far to enjoy working with industry professionals who get results. “It’s an exciting time for buyers and sellers in the boating world, and we look forward to exploring new opportunities as we continue to cultivate our passion for the nautical life and introduce Horizon Yachts to the Gulf Coast.” said Tony Plaia & Chris Thomas, owners of West Yacht Sales LLC.